Trees and logs Daventry

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs available in the Daventry/Rugby area

Kiln dried logs for price of seasoned !!!

Trees and logs Daventry


Pricing and Quantity.


Barrow bags

The easy alternative to stacking, barrow bags can be wheeled almost anywhere. Bag refills available. 1/3 cubic metre.
Single bag £50 (+ bag £5)
Wholesale P.O.A

The barrow bag is owned by the customer.
When restocking £5 is deducted for every bag returned in a re-useable condition.

Mixed hardwood (Our most popular product)

High quality mixed native species from FSC supplies including ASH, Oak, Sycamore, Beech and Birch. Felled eighteen months ago and cut and split at least eight months ago. A great product for the every day wood burner.
1 CUB M £120
Multi Buy £115 p/cm
Wholesale P.O.A

Ash only

Premium grade hardwood logs- cut to 10” length. The wood comes from FSC certified forestry and is cut, split and stored at least a year in advance, giving unrivalled quality and heat output.

Multi Buy P.O.A
Wholesale P.O.A

Larch Logs

The hardest of softwoods. Very hot burning, ideal to raise stove temperatures or for a dinner party fire. Suitable to be mixed with hardwoods.


*Kindling barrow bags

The “broken biscuit” of the log world- The shards, overly thin logs and odd shaped pieces of hard and softwood. A cheap high volume product ideal for every day burning.

£40 each bag

*Eco Firelighters

An easy to use product that does as it says- bulk purchase for deals.

1 box for £1.20
5 boxes for £5

*must be purchased alongside other products.

Trees and logs Daventry

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