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About Cutting Edge.

We live trees

21 years of business (2001 - 2022) has lead to a vast experience for the company in tree management, combined with a wealth of both scientific and practical qualifications. It has allowed us to offer a range of innovative solutions to manage your tree, woodland or entire estate for its health, longevity and safety. Working for a wide range of businesses, estates, land managers, local government, schools, conservation organisations and private individuals.

Our scientific knowledge and wealth of practical experience is the companies greatest asset having worked over a great range of arboriculutural situations.

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Wood, trees and planting.

We have always had a policy for sustainability, reducing carbon footprints and recycling where possible.

But we view trees differently to our competitors looking at the holistic and cyclical nature of the business, we have seen the number of fly-by-night tree businesses grow over the last few years, companies who place very little care or value in the trees they work on and show a lack of investment in the tools required to do this job properly. They damage our industry and ruin your trees only interested in the financial side of things.

We see the future of the industry requiring a better approach, one that utilises the products of the industry fully and allows other intrinsically linked elements of the business to flourish that is why we grow, manage our own woodland site which contains our wood yard and firewood business composting facility and allows us to plant trees for the future. View more pictures of our works in The Gallery.

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