Cutting Edge


Working to maintain the health of your trees.

Each tree is a unique and an individual case, Cutting Edge will advise on the appropriate action to meet the needs of individual clients and their trees. This is likely to be a combination of the following.

1 Reduction and Aesthetic Pruning
This involves the removal of branches around the whole of the tree aiming to remove weight, defects, increase light, restore storm damage or rebalance an uneven crown. The works are interpretive and will differ in percent and area depending on the individual tree.

2 Crown Clean
Removing dead or dying, crossing, rubbing, poorly attached or questionable branches. A Crown Clean may also necessitate some crown thinning which is the removal of a small percent of secondary live branches and can help to create a uniform coverage of foliage and even branch structure throughout. It can help with light, reduce wind resistance and lessen the weight of branches and create a lighter feel to the tree.

3 Crown Lift
The removal of low branches to facilitate light, access or clearance of a structure/highway.

4 Removal of individual problem limbs
For safety or utility purposes, for example off buildings, phone wires, away from satellite dishes or individual limb failure.


Removal of trees.

Sometimes working to maintain a tree is no longer a practical option. The tree may be unsafe, inappropriately situated or works to maintain the tree may lead to a potentially unsafe or unsightly tree in the future. Cutting Edge specialises in the technical removal of trees.

We can remove trees either by precision felling or sectional removal.

1 Precision felling of tree
Where a tree or individual limbs can be removed by accurate use of felling techniques to control the direction of fall.

2 Sectional removal of tree
Where individual limbs of the tree are removed and lowered out of the tree using rigging technology. This is particularly appropriate where extreme control is necessary for example to protect property or individuals safety. Thus enabling us to remove trees in confined spaces over structures, or just safely and efficiently.

3 Removal of stump
We can remove almost any tree stump. We have both large and small stump grinders which are able to access through a minimum of 70cm gateway and lift up or down steps. Removal of tree stumps can be cost effective and allow immediate use of the space previously occupied by the tree.

Tree Removal